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‘Workplace racism and line management: a case study of BME’s experience of working in English local government’ paper to Perspectives in Critical Accounting conference, New York, 24 April 2008 (with Ironside, Gill, and Clarke).

‘Communist Party influence on strike waves: a case study of the UK 1968-1985’ to the third WAPE conference in Beijing, May 2008

‘Communists and the trade union left revisited: the case of the UK 1965-1979’ (with Tom Sibley)   Conference in Honour of Richard Hyman , A British Journal of Industrial Relations Workshop, London School of Economics, 28th May 2009

‘The Life and Times of Bert Ramelson: powerful theory made real and real theory made powerful’ (with Tom Sibley),  Institute of Historical Research, London University, October 2009

‘Front line to back room: an empirical study of the labour process in the English police, fire, and ambulance services.’ (with Kim Mather) to the International Labour Process Conference in New York, Rutgers University, March 2010

‘Communists and the trade union left revisited: the case of the UK 1964-1979’ (with Tom Sibley) at the 5th Forum of the World Association of Political Economy, Renmin University, Suzhou, China, May 2010

‘Strike bans for front-line emergency service workers: a study and a comment’ (with Kim Mather) at the European Industrial Relations Association, Copenhagen, June 2010

‘Front Line and Back Room: An Empirical Study of Industrial Relations in the English Police, Fire and Ambulance Services’ (with Kim Mather) at  BUIRA conference in Manchester, June 2010

‘Being on the front line: a study of the emergency services — police, fire, and ambulance’ (with Kim Mather) to WES confernce at Brighton, September 2010

*‘On Having A Grievance, Feeling Aggrieved, and Grieving’ Institute of Employment Rights Conference; March 2011, London

‘Dealing with emergencies: skill mix changes on the front line of police, fire and ambulance services’ (with Kim Mather). Paper presented to International Labour Process Conference, Leeds April 2011.

*‘Comments on the Winsor report into police pay’ the National Executive of the PFEW, April 2011

*‘Comments on the Winsor report into police pay’ the Staff Side of the PNB, April 2011

*‘Comments on a sustainable police force: report commissioned by the Scottish Assembly into the future of policing’ to the SPF annual conference, Aviemore, April 2011

‘Neo-liberalism at work: the political economy of emergency services in the UK’ to WAPE conference at the University of Massachusetts, May 2011

*Comments on the future of policing to PFEW annual conference (Constables’ section), Bournemouth, May 2011

‘Neoliberalism, public choice theory and the reform of the NHS’ paper to SHAW conference, Wolverhampton University, June 2011

‘Chinese workers on strike: a study of recent Japanese car factory employees’ strike action in Guangdong’ with Dr. Xuebing Cao (Keele University) Paper to

Workers’ Struggles from East to West: New Perspectives on Labour Disputes in Globalised China; International Conference, September 22-24, 2011

Renner Institute / University of Vienna

*Comments on future of police pay to PFEW conference, Chester, October 2011

‘The Political Economy of State Run Emergency Services – police, fire, and ambulance’ plenary to WAPE (World Association of Political Economy) conference, Mexico City, 26 May 2012

‘National and Local Government Museums under Austerity: Case Studies of Taylorisation and Work Intensification amongst Scottish local museum and national museum staff’ (with Dr Gill) to Progressive Cities conference at UCL, 18 June 2012

‘The crisis in police pay’ (with Dr Mather) to British Universities Industrial Relations Association, Bradford University, 30 June 2012.

 ‘The labour movement and the recession’ RMT, Doncaster 12 March 2012

‘The alternative economic strategy’ North Staffordshire Trades council, Stoke,  October 2012

‘The labour movement and the recession’ RMT, Doncaster October 2012

‘The Political Economy of State Run Emergency Services: what has happened to the work of firefighters, police officers, and ambulance staff?’WBS inaugural lecture Thursday November 2012, Wolverhampton University

‘The Changing Faces of Employee Relations?’ACAS Collective Conciliation Conference, Market Bosworth, November 2012

‘Strikers, communists, tramps, and detectives: lessons from the 1966 seamen’s strike’,  Charles Watkins’ Memorial Lecture, November 2012, London … on line on the RMT website.

‘Budget cuts, austerity measures, and the police officers’ right to strike’, 29 June 2013 paper to BUIRA in Glasgow

‘Neo-Liberalism, Democracy, and The European Union’, Twenty-fifth annual Raymond Williams memorial lecture, 9 May 2013 at Wortley Hall

‘Politics and the State’ lecture to Raymond Williams society, Doncaster 6th September 2013

‘Collective bargaining and power at work’ for Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees, January 2014

‘The living wage or a fair wage? Investment, productivity, and the unions’ to North West TUC, Liverpool, March 2014

‘Class, party, and state: modern politics and the labour movement’ Talk to UNITE (the union) activists 17th May 2014 at Esher ‘ACAS in Wonderland: making sense of nonsense’: 2013 Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act: impacts and effects Institute of Employment Rights, London, July 2014

‘Strikers, communists, tramps, and detectives’ .. the class, the party, and the state’ to British Sociological Association conference Social and Political Critique in the Age of Austerity, Keele University, February 2014

‘A living wage rather than a fair wage: trade union politics and the rise of inequality’ paper to Radical Statistics conference Is Britain pulling apart? Manchester, March 2014

‘Bogus efficiency and effectiveness claims in the reform of public sector organisations: a view from the unions’   Paper presented to International Labour Process Conference April 2014, Kings College, London

‘Efficiency and effectiveness claims in the reform of public sector organisations’, (plenary) World Association of Political Economy, May 2014 conference in Hanoi

‘The privatisation and public sector reform movement: bogus efficiency and effectiveness claims’ Research Conference of the Doctoral College, Wolverhampton University, June 2014

‘Watching the watch: fire fighters at work’,(with Kim Mather) British Universities Industrial Relations Association annual conference, Westminster University, July 2014

‘Paradise regained: a comment on the 2014 ‘Common Framework Agreement’ between the unions and employers at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station build’, BUIRA, at De Montfort University, June 2015

 ‘Watching the watch: fire fighters at work’,(with Kim Mather) British Universities Industrial Relations Association annual conference, Westminster University, July 2014

‘Real delusions and delusions of reality: HRM and the law at work’, Leicester University, September 2015

‘Heading for disaster: labour management in the UK emergency services (police, fire, and ambulance) in the recession’  Keynote speaker SIM 2015 Management During and After the Economic Crisis, 9-10 October, Timisoara, Romania.

‘Alternative Conceptions of the Employment Relationship: Pluralism versus Radicalism’ keynote speaker to the Manchester Industrial Relations Society, Manchester, November 2015

‘Public Service Job Motivation and Satisfaction among BME staff in English Local Government’ (with Dr Wang) to International Labour Process Conference, Berlin 2016

“A firefighter is who you are, rather than what you do”: labour process change in the English fire service? (with Dr Mather) to International Labour Process Conference, Berlin 2016

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’: current government reforms of the Ministry of Justice; BUIRA conference, Leeds, June 2016

‘Courting disaster: court closures and staff crisis in the justice system’, International Labour Process Conference, Sheffield, April 2017

‘Emergency service workers and the new working world order’, Paper to BUIRA conference, Portsmouth, June 2017.

‘Saving the Citizen from Harm: The Political Economy of UK Emergency Services’, Paper to Eurasia Business and Economics Society conference in Bangkok January 2018

Justice at work? Labour management failures in the Ministry of Justice, Paper to The WEI 4th Fairness at Work Conference. ‘Justice at Work: Challenges and Possibilities’

Manchester University, September 2018












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