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Since 2008

‘Degrading the Labourer: the reform of local government manual work’ in Capital and Class (with Gill) vol 94 Spring 2008, pp. 1-30

‘The changing locus of workplace control in the English FE sector’ 2009, (with Mather and Worrall)  Employee Relations for vol 31(2) pp.139-157

‘Future Force’ in Police Magazine, March 2010, pp18-19

‘Solving the Labour Problem Among Professional Workers in the UK Public Sector: Organisation Change and Performance Management’ (with Mather and Worrall) in Public Organization Review, 2010, 10: 117-137

‘Communists and the trade union left revisited: the case of the UK 1964-1979’ (with Tom Sibley), June 2010, World Review of Political Economy vol 1(1): 112-126

‘English teachers’ unions and anti-communism in the 1950s: the contrasting cases of Durham and Middlesex’, 2009, Historical Studies in Industrial Relations vol 27/28 pp 79-110

An Alternative Vision for the Land Registry (2009) with Mike Ironside, PCS, London, pp46

‘Teacher, lecturer or labourer? Performance management issues in education’ (with Kim Mather) 2011,  Management in Education vol 25(1): 26-31

‘It’s politics, stupid: the 2002-4 UK firefighters’ dispute’ (with Tom Sibley) British Journal of Industrial Relations Vol 49(S2): 332-352, July 2011

‘Skill mix and task allocation – management of task allocation in the UK emergency services’ (with Kim Mather) Centre for Employment Studies Research, UWE, July 2011, pages 12-15.

Building an economy for the people: an alternative economic and political strategy for 21st century Britain, edited by J. White, manifesto Press 2012. One of the main contributors

‘Consensus lost (and not yet regained)’ in Upholding the Queen’s Peace, 2012 PFEW, pp. 102-110

A Revolutionary Communist at Work: a Political Biography of Bert Ramelson (with Tom Sibley), Lawrence & Wishart, London 2012, pp. 384

An Alternative Vision for the Culture Sector (2013) with Mike Ironside, PCS, London (40pp).

‘Neo-Liberalism at Work: a Case Study of the Reform of the Emergency Services in the UK’ (with Kim Mather)  Review of Radical Political Economics December 2013 vol. 45 no. 4  pp.456-462

‘The close supervision of Further Education lecturers: ‘You have been weighed, measured and found wanting’’ (with Kim Mather) in Work Employment and Society, 2014, 28(1): 95-111

‘Consent and dissent: a study of the attitudes of Chinese school teachers in Guangzhou city schools to recent Chinese government educational reforms’ (with Li Yingfei) in Forum for International Research in Education vol 1(2): 58-82, June 2014

Book review (2014) of ‘Nina Fishman’s Arthur Horner: A Political Biography’ published by Lawrence & Wishart 2010. In Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Number. 35: 203-211

‘A living wage rather than a fair wage: trade union politics and the rise of inequality’  in Radical Statistics (2014) Issue 111, pp. 37-48

The Future of Our Land Registry, PCS, London 2014 (16pp)

Public Services … the good, the bad, and the future …, for CLASS, July 2014, 40pp

‘What factors of production determine economic growth?’ (with Zou Wei-xing) in Shanghai Journal of Economics, April 2015, pp3-14

‘Public sector strikes in the Winter of Discontent: a review of John Shepherd’s book The Callaghan Government and the British Winter of Discontent’ in Histroical Stduies in Industrial Relations No. 36 2015 pp. 219-226

‘Big Bangs and Cold Wars: the British industrial relations tradition   after Donovan (1965-2015)’ in Employee Relations (2015) Vol. 37 Issue 6 pp. 746-760

‘Linking transformational leadership and core self-evaluation to job performance: The mediating role of felt accountability’ by Chun-Hsi Vivian Chen, Mei-Ling Yuan, Jen-Wei Cheng, Roger Seifert in The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Volume 35, (2016) pp. 234–246

‘Police pay … contested and contestable’ (with Kim Mather) in Industrial Relations Journal, vol 47(3) pp. 204-219 (2016)

‘Wearing the turban: the 1967-69 Sikh bus drivers’ dispute in Wolverhampton, (with Andrew Hambler) Historical Studies in Industrial Relations (2016) No. 37, pp. 83-112

‘Heading for disaster: Extreme work and skill mix changes in the emergency services of England’ (with Kim Mather), Capital & Class (2017), Vol 41, Issue 1, pp. 3 – 22

‘Sir David Hart’, entry for Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, January 2017, OUP


An Alternative Vision for the Justice System (2017), PCS, London (pp 55).

‘The ambulance service in a time of austerity’, (with Kim Mather) in Ambulance Today, Spring 2017, pp 25-27

‘Employee referrals: A study of ‘close ties’ and career benefits in China’ (with Wen Wang) European Management Journal, Volume 35, Issue 4, (2017), Pages 514-522

“Pay reductions and work attitudes: the moderating effect of employee involvement practices” (with Wen Wang), Employee Relations (2017), Vol. 39 Issue: 7, pp.935-950,

‘Job insecurity, employee anxiety, and commitment: the moderating role of collective trust in management’ (with Wen Wang and Kim Mather) to Journal of Trust Research ****

‘Is public sector unionism the centre of class struggle?’ (2018) in Theory & Struggle, number 119, pages 107-117

‘Race discrimination at work: the moderating role of trade unionism in English Local government’ (with Wen Wang) in Industrial Relations Journal 2018, vol 49(3) pp. 259-277.

‘BAME staff and public service motivation: the mediating role of perceived fairness in English local government”, (with Wen Wang) in Journal of Business Ethics 2018 ***

Roger Seifert and Tom Sibley (2018) ‘Bert Ramelson’ (1910-1994) entry in Dictionary of Labour Biography Volume XIV edited by Keith Gildart and David Howells, Palgrave; pages 223-236.



‘Bullies, managers, workers, and trade unionists …’ (2018) in Workplace bullying, dignity and inclusion at work, eds P. D’Cruz and E. Noronha, Springer

‘Marxism’ in Elgar Introduction to Theories of Human Resources and Employment Relations, (2019) edited by Professor Keith Townsend, Professor Kenneth Cafferkey, Professor Tony Dundon and Dr. Aoife McDermott

“Foreign-ownership and job insecurity during the recession: the moderating effect of union density in the UK” (with Dr Wang and Dr Cook) in Economic and Industrial Democracy ***

Alternative Vision for the Department for Transport, PCS, London ***



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